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Live the life you're imagining!

Feeling like a change?

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Why work with me?

Because I know my stuff and I really care.

And you already have a sense of what you need, don't you? Allow me to be the bridge between the path you are walking and the one you know is there for you. The one you know will bring you to the life you're imagining.

I know you have the problems and the solutions, so we’ll access and utilise the wonder that is you by tapping into your Unconscious Mind.

Through the power of  NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnotherapy, I’ll help you find your path again or anew, bridging the gap between the path you know is there for you and the one you currently walk.

Stop struggling with:
Anxiety   Depression   Fears   Phobias   Low Self Esteem   Confidence Issues   Lack of Direction   Motivation  Grief   Loss   Relationship Problems   Overthinking   Low Satisfaction in Life   Stress   Unhappiness...

Begin to Live the life you're imagining!

Live the life you're imagining Life Changing Results with Client Coach at beach professional

Her gentle yet candid approach has guided me to shine a light on the hidden parts of myself and the obstacles that frequently prevent me living the peaceful, joyous & fulfilled life I long to.

- Fiona Branch, Moranbah QLD.


Rachel has a unique way to find out what you need to make positive changes in life​. The best thing about working with her is that I felt lighter and experienced clear thinking.​

- Phill Tsingos, Brisbane QLD.


Rachel assisted me greatly in crystallising some thoughts and feelings, tackling issues in my life in a positive way, drawing on strengths and changing unhelpful thinking habits.

- Simone Pearce, Moranbah QLD.

Feeling like a change?

Start today & find clarity in our eBook.