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The Secret to Happiness – Part III

By Rachel Carroll | Sep 24, 2019

Instead of The Secret to Happiness, a better title may be The Secrets to Happiness. Because no one thing helps us find our happiness does it? In the first two articles of our Secret to Happiness series, we are already discovering that knowing our values and then having them met helps us create our happiness.…

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The Secret to Happiness – Part II

By Rachel Carroll | Jun 25, 2019

What is the secret to happiness? I believe the secret to happiness it is a little of column A and a little of column B, like most things really. And so what are the headings of these columns that when combined, add up to happiness for us? Values Part I of this series discussed our…

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The Secret to Happiness

By Rachel Carroll | May 10, 2019

One big secret to happiness is figuring out what our values are and satisfying them. Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? So why, isn’t everyone skipping around town with smiles on their dials? Well because lots of us do not actually know what our values are. What are values anyway? Values are essentially what we value.…

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Grief is the Price of LOVE

By Rachel Carroll | Mar 21, 2019

Grief is the price of LOVE. If we never loved, we would never experience grief. And although, when in the very depths of our grief we may desperately wish to have never loved in order to spare ourselves this pain, we know in our heart of hearts we do not really mean it. For how…

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Setting those New Year Goals

By Rachel Carroll | Dec 12, 2018

How are your goals for 2019 going? Got them clear for yourself yet? Lots of folks suggest doing the New Year goals at the end of the year before. While I do like to be creating some lovely pictures of my New Year at the end of the old one, I tend to find the…

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Creating Christmas Cruisiness

By Rachel Carroll | Nov 23, 2018

Here we are again, once more approaching Christmas and how are we feeling? Are we starting to feel overwhelmed? Do we need some direction and guidance about how to instead of spiralling into craziness, creating Christmas cruisiness? For me the journey begins with a racy feeling in my chest and belly and my blood bounces…

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Stop feeling stuck

By Rachel Carroll | Oct 24, 2018

As we go about our busy little lives, entrenched in our habits and routines and perhaps feeling not as happy and fulfilled as we want to be feeling, what small changes can we be making to start enriching, enhancing and improving our experience of this life? How can we move onward and outward if we…

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Mind reading: How to stop it ruining our relationships & stressing us out

By Rachel | Sep 5, 2018

Mind reading: How to stop it ruining our relationships & stressing us out The most common discovery made by women in our Life Changing Coaching Sessions is that they are ruining their relationships and making themselves miserable and stressed because they are mind reading. Our mind reading is ruining our relationships. But take heart!  There…

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Dealing with Difficult People

By Rachel | Aug 10, 2018

Dealing with difficult people I don’t believe there are “difficult people”. There are just “people”. The difficulty is ours. Yes – it feels more comfortable and goes someway toward shifting the burden of dealing with them if we can point the finger at them and tell ourselves (and everyone else) that they are difficult. But…

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Achieving Inbox Zero Calm

By Rachel | Jul 24, 2018

Hello my good souls! Set yourself free from your inbox! LOVE Rachel x Zero Inbox Calm

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